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If back fat is bothering you, there are a few things you can do. There is no way to get rid of back fat completely, but you can change the appearance of your upper, middle, and lower back. Luckily, fat on your back is unlike fat in some other areas of your body so there are several different ways to solve the problem. However, before you decide on the best way for you to lose back fat, first decide which area of your body to target.

Back fat can attach itself in a few different areas. Most men and women experience back fat in one of these three areas:

  • The Upper back area: where fat spills over the back of the bra strap
  • The Mid-back area: where fat folds itself near the back of the waist
  • The Lower back top area: where a pocket of fat spills over the top of the pants in the back

The best way to find the area you want to target is to stand with a mirror behind you and hold the second mirror in your hand. Make sure you stand up tall so the lines of your body are apparent. You should be able to identify the area that is causing you trouble.

Losing Back Fat

No matter where the fat settles on your body, a consistent program that is composed of diet and exercise will help. However, you should make your program target whatever bothers you the most.


A calorie-controlled diet will help you to lose fat all over your body. Unfortunately, you cannot decide or even know for sure exactly, where the fat loss will occur first. However, you can eat a diet that includes plenty of lean protein to promote muscle growth. Strong back muscles help improve posture and a taller appearance makes you look instantly thinner. In addition, you can reshape your back by building the muscles along your spine and torso.


High-intensity cardiovascular exercise will help you to burn fat and calories. Then, and depending on where the most back fat resides, you can tone muscles in the surrounding areas to give your back a leaner appearance.

Now there are a few exercises that you can do to help you lose that back fat, here is the list:

1. Bent-Over Row

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand straight with your feet close together. Bend forward, push your hips back so that your spine stays long, flex your knees a little, roll back your shoulders, open your chest, and look straight ahead. This is your starting position.

Now, keeping your core engaged, start flexing your elbows and partially curl your arms. At the same time, pull your upper arms back until your elbows reach just behind your shoulders. Then bring your arms back to the starting position again and repeat.

2. One Arm Dumbbell Row

One Arm Dumbbell Row
Credits: reddit

Place your right knee on a flat bench, and your right hand on the bench. Keep your palm flat, spine in line with your buttocks left leg a little wider than shoulder-width apart, and left knee bent a little.

Pick up the dumbbell with your left hand. Keep your left hand extended downward, and loosen up your neck. Keep your shoulders pinched back, look down, and keep your core engaged. This is the starting position.

Now flex your left elbow and pull the dumbbell up until it almost reaches your armpit. Slowly, lower your hand to the starting position. After finishing this, repeat the same steps for the other arm.

3. Bent over Dealt Raises

Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Bend over by pushing your hips slightly out, extend your hands in front of you at a 45-degree angle, push your upper back down, roll your shoulders back, and look straight down.

Now push your chest forward, while keeping your core engaged. This is the starting position. Bend the elbows slightly and pull your arms back until your elbows point toward the ceiling. Then slowly, bring your arms back to the starting position and repeat.

4. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Grab the bent part of the overhead wide bar attached to the pulley on the lat pulldown machine. Pull the lat down and sit facing the machine, keep your knees underneath the pads, your spine straight,  your chest out, your shoulders rolled back, core engaged, and plant your feet flat on the ground.

Start by leaning slightly backward while pulling the rod down with your elbows flexing, moving first down, and then back until the rod almost touches your upper chest. Finish this exercise by releasing the rod slowly until your hands are fully extended up, and then repeat.

5. Underhand Cable Pulldown

Start the exercise by sitting down facing the lat machine with an overhead wide bar attached to the pulley. Remember that your hands must be closer than shoulder-width distance apart and the palms are facing you.

Now hold the bar and adjust the knee pads so that they are at a place just above your knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground, and hands fully extended overhead. Lean back just a little and push your chest out. Now you breathe out and pull the bar down until it almost touches your upper chest.

Remember to bring your shoulders and elbows back. Breathe in and slowly release the bar back to the starting position (where your arms were fully extended overhead).